About Us

Welcome to Peace Foundation

We at Peace foundation are committed to deliver right treatment to our patients at most reliable and affordable cost/rate/price as our wellness centre is a government approved for mental health. We use latest tricks and technologies so that our patient can benefited out most.nasha mukti kendra as they have treated more than 5000 patients across the India.


We provide best counselling sessions for our patients for their treatment and the process that should be followed. We not only help them minimize their dependancy but also improve their overall lifestyle



Our Therephies consist of best of medical, herbal & ayurvedic treatments that ensure that the patient health naturally using their bodies healing abilities


Yoga & Meditation

The major factor in our treatment process consist of Yoga & meditation sessions that help our patients to suppress their sudden urges and have better control over their body & actions


12 Step Program

Pre-contemplation, Comtemplation, Preparation, Action, Maintenance & Finally the Termination. We follow all the plan in step by step manner to ensure the patient gets life time health



Working on a Patient’s health depends on how their symptoms are treated. As the Patient looses their grip on reality they start doing activities mindlessly that not only endangers them but also their surrondings


Family Program

Family Intervention & them being a part of the treatment process is one of the most important part of the health process of the patient. They should feel their family’s support & acceptance at every point of the treatment process.



Our team at New Dreams foundation will also on your exercise abiltiy and improve the body endurance, for quick good health

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